About bravado

Faber est suae quisque fortunae. 
Each is the creator of his own fortune.
In 2016 I was in business school, working on a group project. The results were so intriguing that the project turned into a webshop featuring Belgian spirits. A year and a half, innumerable gin and tonics, and quite a few bar bills later, I was ready for the next challenge: my own spirits label.

Bravado gin is my alpha-spirit; I love gin, no point in hiding it. I aspired to create a classically distilled gin, using only the highest quality ingredients, in a fresh, modern combination for discerning gin lovers everywhere. From its signature bottle to the first intriguing whiff of citrus and spice when drunk neat, or the delectable dance of flavours in mixed drinks, bravado gin is distilled to impress.

Little did I know in my early student days that I’d found my passion in the liquor business, but sometimes life takes fantastic turns. Imagining and bringing to the bottle a family of the finest quality spirits and liqueurs is what gets me up every morning. I live by the slogan Faber est suae quisque fortunae. Powered by my vision and love for what I do, the company has evolved. Today The Gouwkens Liquor Company is a family of spirits including bravado Gin, Mean Louie Rum, and Eperimenti dell’ Alchimista, a mesmerising orange liqueur. I invite you to experience them – all designed to reward and inspire.
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